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Quebec Steam Sale 2023 here!

What is the Steam Sale?

Quebec is one of the top five largest video game development hubs in the world and currently home to more than 290 studios across the province. Brought to you by GamePlay Space, in collaboration with La Guilde du jeu vidéo du Québec, the sale celebrates our thriving industry and gives players a look at what the local community has to offer. Many of Quebec's independent and AAA developers take part in this annual event!

2021 Edition

2022 Edition

The first Games from Quebec Steam Sale took place in January 2021 and was extremely successful with:

The second Games from Quebec Steam Sale (January 2022) attained even more visibility than its first iteration with:

  • 118 games participating in the sale
  • 1.2M unique visitors to the sale page during the weekend
  • 191,487 wishlist adds across the included games
  • 156 games participating in the sale
  • 1.3M unique visitors to the sale page during the weekend
  • 228,209 wishlist adds across the included games
  • and also included spotlight categories highlighting games made by marginalized devs and games with influential themes
Quebec Sale performed amazingly well compared to the other events I've participated in, Steam winter sales included!
- PlayTogether Studio
Best performing sale we have ever participated in!
- Breaking Walls
This was our best event. The number of wishlist adds has even surpassed the one from Gamescom!
- Shishi Studios
The Games from Quebec Sale had a massive positive impact on my sales, demos and wishlists additions. It is an amazing opportunity, I would be part of Quebec Sale again 11/10.
- PlayTogether Studio
The Games from Québec Sale performed better than other Steam events we've participated in (Halloween, Christmas, Summer sales).
- Ratloop Games Canada

2023 Edition

After two years of the Games from Quebec Steam Sale that grossed high visibility & impact numbers for the local dev community, we are thrilled to be able to announce that the 2023 edition is backs! We're ready to help showcase your games to a global audience and to celebrate all of the hard work and effort you've poured into them. ♥

This year's edition is made possible thanks to The Indie Asylum and La Guilde.

Once again, the 2023 Games From Quebec Sale will coincide with DemoNights, running from Thursday, February 2 to Monday, February 6, 2023. To learn about DemoNights, click here.